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Ptit Rockeur Trio - Hey Baby!                   ©2014

Ptit Rockeur Trio - Hey Baby !

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  • Country: France

    Date: 2014

    Format: CD

    Artist: Ptit Rockeur Trio

    Title: Hey Baby ! 

    Style: Swing, Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly



    1. Hey Hey Hey Hey !
    2. I wanna be like you
    3. One more for my baby
    4. Baby please don't go
    5. Shakin' all over

    contact :

    Guitare/chant: Victor Pitoiset        

    Bass/chant: Paul Cépède
    Batterie/chant/Violon: Aramis Monroy

    Recordind and mix by Daniel Bengam
    Masteriering: Johnathan Pons
     at Omnia Studio (

    photos/artwork: Suzane Brun

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